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With more than 70 years of experience between them, the Kara team – led by Alan O’Neill, has been supporting organisations and business leaders to maximise their potential through Alan O'Neill's 7-Steps to Profit.

All Kara Academy courses are connected to The 7-Steps to Profit. And because the world continues to change at break-neck speed, the Kara team is constantly updating its material to ensure it is relevant, and that it adds real value to its clients and students.

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"‘Customer Experience’ is indeed the new battleground and differentiator in this digital world. As a highly experienced Change Agent and Speaker, Alan inspires and challenges audiences with his practical business models and stories. The Selfridges Story is just one that brings all of the concepts to life and resonates with busineses of all types, B2B and B2C. His 7-Steps to Profit are a superb tried and tested framework for shaping business excellence."

- Cosimo Turroturro, Managing Director, Speaker’s Associates